Lira in Concert: Captured by change4ever!
The Southern Africa Trust partners with Lira on tour to drive change...

The Southern Africa Trust through its change4ever campaign has partnered with singing star Lira on her Captured tour in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Cape Town, Sun City and Bloemfontein from 30 September to 6 November 2011. As the ambassador of the Trust's change4ever campaign Lira will take time off during the concert tour to visit underdeveloped communities to promote the development of subsistence gardening to increase food security and nutrition in efforts to overcome poverty. Lira will also perform her new song, You & I, that was produced by Lira as the theme song of the change4ever campaign. This song will be performed as a way of inspiring action for social transformation and poverty reduction. A video for the song will soon be released by Lira and the change4ever campaign. Look out for it!

The change4ever campaign asks the question: If you could change one thing forever, what would it be? The Captured tour partnership with Lira is one of the ways that then Trust is promoting awareness about poverty and development amongst a new generation in the southern Africa region. The campaign also raises funds for anti-poverty projects through an SMS campaign that invites the public to answer the change4ever question and, in so doing, make a small donation to projects to overcome poverty in our region. The change4ever make the promise that every cent received through the campaign will go to anti-poverty projects.

Click here to view pictures of the change4ever campaign's association with Lira's Captured tour. Click here to read more about the change4ever campaign in general. Click here to find out more about Lira and the Captured tour.

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change4ever is an appeal for your help from the Southern Africa Trust. The Trust is a non-profit agency that supports organizations in 15 southern African countries working to overcome the root causes of poverty.
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